From Chorus Life
to Chorustyle.

Chorustyle was born from the intuition of Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli, founder of Gewiss spa, a global leader in electronics and home automation, and conceiver of the Chorus Life urban development project.

Chorus Life S.p.A. designs and develops solutions for the redevelopment of urban areas, worldwide. Starting from an idea of a city where social well-being, economic profit, sustainable architecture and smart technology are perfectly integrated, the Chorus Life urban model keeps the individual and his needs at the centre.

Three generations, one philosophy of life

Chorus Life is a city model where different generations can live and grow together, enhancing each other.

This innovative urban format treats people as a social whole, offering customised services, overcoming barriers and promoting integration, all while respecting the environment.

From the futuristic vision of Chorus Life, comes Chorustyle Design, a brand that proposes a lifestyle aimed at well-being, without neglecting ethical responsibility and sustainablethinking.

This is why every Chorustyle Design project focuses on harmony, well-being and attention to detail.


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