Laki & Nikko

With their sinuous shapes and elegant reflections, Laki and Nikko cats spread happiness, well-being and harmony, becoming the main characters of any environment.

Laki and Nikko are exclusive design objects, expressing a strong symbolism linked to people’s well-being.


Laki, with its raised paw, is the cat of good fortune, showing the way to what we most desire, leaving us the pleasure of following it.


Nikko, the crouching cat, means “ray of sunshine that illuminates” and is the cat of serenity, constantly watching over people and the surrounding spaces.

The production process

The complex nanotechnological production process with which they are made, gives Laki and Nikko an exclusive, glossy and refined material effect.

The polyethylene base is prepared with an initial UV coating. Then the color is given by a nanotechnology process called “PVD Sputtering”, which takes place inside vacuum chambers: depending on the metal alloy inserted and the temperature, unique colours may be created.

A second stage of UV coating covers and protects the metal layer, giving it an additional layer of brightness. This process makes it possible to achieve top-quality resistance with unique colourings.

In Multicolor version, Laki and Nikko are suitable for outdoor use, and create evocative and dreamy atmospheres thanks to an internal RGB-W.

Finishes and colours

Laki and Nikko are available in numerous colours and finishes.

From the iconic metallic versions in gold, silver, bronze and blue-green, to the backlit ones, Lux and Multicolor.

The different metallic finishes give Laki and Nikko refined and sensual textures.


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